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DLC pro

All digital controller for tunable diode lasers

  • Extremely low noise & precise control
  • Knobs & touch user interface
  • Remote PC GUI & command control
  • Intelligent locking features

DLC pro is the new benchmark for diode laser controllers. It defines a new level of low noise and convenience. Its low noise and drift levels make our DL pro series lasers even more silent and stable. Its impressive resolution (23 bits and more) enable precise control, and its knob/touch user interface and PC GUI allow for the most comfortable and intuitive operation. Easily change scan parameters with a multi-touch gesture to zoom onto spectral features or use the included FFT to analyze signals.

With the intelligent locking option DLC pro Lock installed, you may select a spectral feature by taping on it on the screen and locking the laser to that peak with a simple press of a button. The intelligent locking option includes a 2-channel digital PID loop (bandwidth about 30 kHz), modulation and demodulation (11 Hz to 160 kHz) and ReLock. It allows for top-of-fringe as well as side-of-fringe locks with easy optimization of the PID parameters. The features are enabled with a software license.

If this license is not purchased along with the DLC pro, the license-protected features may be tested with the 30-day trial license provided with the DLC pro. A license for your device without time limit may then be purchased later. Activating by entering a license-key is an easy procedure that may be done by the customer.

For all systems, it is possible to stabilize the power of the laser system by controlling the current of the laser diode (DL pro, CTL) or the tapered amplifier chip (TA pro, TA-SHG pro, TA-FHG pro) using an external photodiode (all systems) or an internal photodiode (CTL, TA pro, TA-SHG pro, TA-FHG pro).  Bandwidths in the kilohertz regime are achieved (see CC-500 and CC-5000 sections in the specifications below).

The optional PDH module enables Pound-Drever-Hall Locks. It provides a modulation reference and creates the error signal by demodulating a spectroscopy signal, typically recorded with a photodiode near a reference cavity.

The DLC ext allows extending the DLC pro with TOPTICA’s well-established fast locking modules. These modules provide high performance laser locking if a faster feedback than available with the DLC pro Lock option is needed.

TOPTICA provides updates of the software in the download section below and announces new versions by an email newsletter. You may subscribe by sending an email to with subject "subscribe". For details of the newly provided features and the update procedure, see the download section below.

See more in our product video:

  • Specifications
    • General / Main Control MC

      General / MC
      Operator ControlsTouch Display, 10 push buttons, 4 knobs, 1 key switch
      Display7 inch, 800 x 480 pixels, 262 k colors
      Touch panelProjective capacitive (PCT) with multi-touch capability
      InterfacesEthernet and USB

    • Current Control CC-500 & CC-5000

      Current Control CC-500Current Control CC-5000*
      Max. laser current2x 245 mA or 1x 490 mA (selectable) 5000 mA
      Max. laser voltage7 V @ 360 mA, 5 V @ 490 mA 3.5 V
      Smallest current step0.015 μA 5 μA
      Current noise density280 pA / sqrt(Hz) @ 1 kHz 120 nA / sqrt(Hz)
      Low frequency current noise (0.1 Hz ... 10 Hz)< 50 nA p-p 10 μA p-p
      Temperature coefficient of laser current<3 ppm / K typ. after > 1 h warm-up
      Long-term stability of laser current< 100 ppm / sqrt(khrs) after > 1 h warm-up
      Modulation bandwidth (-3dB, 45°)Between 15 kHz and 30 kHz
      (depending on laser diode)
      100 Hz
      Achievable power stabilization bandwidth DL pro: 10 kHz, CTL: 4 kHz TA pro: 4 kHz, SHG pro: 1 kHz
      * For TA pro systems two CC-5000 can be combined to drive one amplifier chip at a higher current. 

    • Temperature Control TC

      Temperature Control TC 
      Max. TEC current3 A
      Max. TEC voltage3 V @ 3 A / 12 V @ 3 A
      Smallest set temperature step50 μK
      Act. temperature noise (100 μHz ... 1 Hz)< 300 μK p-p
      Repeatability of actual temperature< 0.001 K after > 1 h warm-up
      Temperature coeff. of actual temperature< 140 ppm K / K after > 1 h warm-up

    • Piezo Control PC

      Piezo Control PC 
      Piezo voltage range-1 V ... +140 V
      Max. piezo current (charge / decharge)25 mA
      Smallest piezo voltage step0.01 mV
      Voltage noise density140 nV / sqrt (Hz) @ 1 kHz
      Temperature coefficient of piezo voltage< 40 ppm / K
      Small signal bandwidth3 kHz (0 load)

    • Inputs / Outputs

      Inputs / Outputs 
      Analog inputs (BNC)2x (24 bit, DC .. 300 kHz)
       2x (16 /10 bits, DC .. 300 kHz / 1.7 MHz)
      Input range, impedance-4 V ... + 4V, 10 kOhm
      Analog outputs (BNC)2x (16 bits, DC .. 300 kHz)
      Output range, impedance-4 V ... + 4V (no load), 50 Ohm
      Digital inputs**4x TTL, 10 kOhm, Sub-HD 15-pin
      Digital outputs**4x TTL, 50 kOhm, Sub-HD 15-pin
      ** Optional break-out cable with 8 SMB connectors available.

    • Environmental, Power Supply PS

      Environment / Supply 
      Voltage requirements100 - 240 V~, 50 / 60 Hz
      Power requirements250 W max., typ. 35 W, no active cooling fans
      Size (H x W x D)154 mm x 450 mm x 348 mm
      Weight8.0 kg (with MC, CC-500, PC, TC)
      Operating temperature5 °C ... 40 °C
      Transport temperature0 °C ... 40 °C
      Relative humidity80 % for up to 31 °C, decr. lin. to 50 % at 40 °C

    • Pound-Drever-Hall PDH

      Optional module to generate error signals for Pound-Drever-Hall locks or frequency modulation spectrocopy.
      For specifications see the PDH product page.

    • DLC ext

      The DLC ext allows extending the DLC pro with TOPTICA’s well-established fast locking modules.
      These modules provide high performance laser locking if a faster feedback than available with the DLC pro Lock option is needed.
      Number of possible modules                     2
      Supported modules                                    PDD 110, FALC 110, mFALC 110, DigiLock 110
      Size (H x W x D)                                        131 mm (+67 mm) x 184 mm x 286 mm
      Power supply                                              90 - 264 VAC (47 - 63 Hz), external, automatic mains voltage detection

  • Additional Information
  • Options

    • PDH/DLC pro: Built-in module for the DLC pro to generate error signals for Pound-Drever-Hall locks.
    • DLC pro Lock: Software license for DLC pro

  • Applications
  • Downloads

    DLC pro Software Update

    TOPICA provides software updates for the DLC pro about twice a year. These updates provide new features and bug fixes but are not installed automatically. To update your system please follow the update instructions.

    • DLC pro Update Instructions
    • Software Update Version 1.9.0 (120 MB, 13.09.2018) PC GUI requires Windows 7 or newer - Windows XP is not supported any more.
    • New updates are announced by an email newsletter. You may subscribe by sending an email to with subject "subscribe".
    • This table summarizes the improvements TOPTICA introduced with the previous updates. The latest update includes all improvements.


    ReleaseDateNew SystemsNew FeaturesNotable Improvements and Bug Fixes
    1.908/2018DLC Holo-Litho 405Lock wizardARC (analog remote control) for TC added
    1.804/2018TopWave 266
    PDH/DLC pro
    Better protection in case of exchange of laser heads
    1.701/2018MDL pro
    2nd DL
    Configuration manager
    Python support
    CTL scan-trigger problems fixed
    User interface for power stabilization easier to use
    1.604/2017DFB pro
    PS HP
    Air pressure compensation
    TA chips up to 10 A
    Routine for setting the lock-in phase automatically
    Added display elements to ease finding in-loop signals
    1.509/2016DL-FHG pro
    TA-FHG pro
    SUV option
    Service scriptsLocking without selected lock-point enabled
    SHG and FHG system display seed power correctly
    1.403/2016Power stabilization
    FFT for all systems
    Labview example
    CTL: microsteps enable
    Limitations in signal routing lifted
    Scan and lock screen combined to ease operation
    Direct access of scaling mode
    1.306/2015DL-SHG pro
    TA-SHG pro
    Problem of freezing touch UI fixed
    Limits of FeedForward increased
    Correct display of TA pro power
    1.211/2014CTLImproved handling of touch UI events
    1.109/2014TA proCross talk between ARC of CC and PC modules removed
    1.002/2014DL pro


    The integration of the DLC pro into control program is supported by:


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