Customized Solutions

Ever since TOPTICA started their terahertz activities, we have interacted closely together with our customers. The collaboration with academic and industrial partners has led to a range of customized solutions – novel pump-probe setups, rapid FMCW (frequency-modulated continuous-wave) terahertz sources, or even systems capable of detecting individual pulses produced by a femtosecond laser and a photoconductive terahertz antenna.

The pages in this section highlight some of the “non-standard” ideas that we, together with our customers and our collaboration partners, have explored in recent years.

If you still haven’t found the terahertz solution you were looking for, challenge us! TOPTICA’s product specialists have many years of hands-on experience with lasers, electronics and terahertz applications. They look forward to hearing from you.

Examples of Customized Terahertz Systems

  • TeraFlash pro synchronized with femtosecond laser
  • Wide range of laser options,
    including frequency-converted outputs
  • Rapidly swept cw-terahertz platform
  • 2 THz bandwidth at 70 traces/sec,
    > 3.5 THz in 2 minutes
  • Extremely fast terahertz intensity measurements
  • Detection of individual pulses @ 100 MHz repetition rate possible