DL-SHG pro

Tunable, frequency-doubled diode laser with digital control DLC pro

  • Resonant frequency doubling stage
  • Wavelengths: 210 .. 680 nm, linewidth 1 .. 120 kHz
  • AutoAlign, PowerLock and FiberMon options
  • With digital control DLC pro: Less drift & linewidth

The grating stabilized diode laser SHG pro is a medium power solution, for applications such as spectroscopy of atoms, ions and molecules, laser cooling and interferometry. Designed in TOPTICA’s proprietary pro technology, it combines best performance and ease-of-use. The system now includes fully-automated push-button coupling optimization into the SHG cavity and the output fiber. The package comprises a DL pro laser head. It can be upgraded to a TA-SHG pro, if an appropriate amplifier source is available.

The rack-mounted version of DL-SHG pro for integration into T-RACK is available as MSHG pro.