High Power Free-Space Optical Isolators

Single and Dual Stage Performance

Make every photon count

Highest transmission and extinction with TOPTICA isolators at all wavelengths.

TOPTICA isolators ensure stability of TOPTICA’s narrow linewidth, long coherence length lasers, and they can protect Watt-class lasers and amplifiers from damaging back reflections. TOPTICA can also offer custom form factors and wavelengths.

For more than twenty years, TOPTICA has offered narrow linewidth, single frequency, external cavity diode lasers. The spectrum and power of these lasers can be extremely sensitive to reflections from downstream optics, so it is critical that no light returns to the laser cavity. These stringent demands drove TOPTICA to develop its own line of single-stage (>35 dB) and double-stage (>60 dB) optical isolators.

Key Applications:

  • Protecting single-frequency lasers from instabilities caused by optical feedback.
  • Protecting high power fiber lasers and amplifiers from damage due to back reflection.
  • Injection locking of laser diodes.
  • Faraday rotation.

Key Features

  • Highest transmission & extinction from the UV to NIR.
  • Custom wavelengths and form factors available, as small as < 1 cm3.