Laser Rack for 19'' TOPTICA Modular Systems and Units

  • Support of any combination of TOPTICA‘s Modular Systems and Units
  • Carefully engineered fan-free thermal management
  • Highly robust mechanical design
  • Includes Modular Power Entry Unit (MPE)
  • Laser rack mobility enabled by 4 castors

The T-RACK is a laser rack specifically designed for integration of TOPTICA’s Modular Laser Systems and Units:

  • Modular Tunable Single-Mode Diode Laser Systems - MDL pro
  • Modular Amplified Tunable Single-Mode Laser Systems - MTA pro
  • Modular Frequency-Doubled Tunable Laser Systems - MSHG pro
  • Modular Difference Frequency Comb and Wavelength Extensions - MDFC
  • Modular Opto-Mechanics Breadboard Unit - MOM

Moreover, it integrates additional building blocks like wavelength meters, spectroscopy cells and various laser locking electronics. Please see Laser Rack Systems for the complete product family.

The T-RACK excels with a highly robust mechanical design. Fan-less thermal management, passive vibration isolation and dynamic cable management have been carefully engineered to make it a rack for high-tech precision instruments.

By default, the T-RACK is supplied with the Modular Power Entry Unit (MPE) which bundles power supply and laser interlock. Remote control of laser and frequency comb systems is simplified by an integrated industrial fast Ethernet switch with a total of 8 ports. In addition to the MPE, the T-RACK offers space for modular units with a total height of 34 Rack Units (RU). 4 castors make it mobile and 4 eye bolts allow for safe transport and fixation.

The T-RACK is future proof as it can be retrofitted with any of TOPTICA’s Modular Units later, as long as rack space is available.

  • Specification

    Specification T-RACK  
    Height with / without eye bolts ≤ 2025 / 1970 mm
    Height (total number of rack units) 38 RU
    Vertical space for additional modular units 34 RU
    Capacity ≤ 5x DLC pro, ≤ 3x MDL pro, ≤ 4x MTA, ≤ 4x MSHG,
    ≤ 8x 4 RU-MOM (total of max 34 RU)
    Lateral dimensions (W x D) 600 x 800 mm2
    Weight ≤ 140 kg
    Maximum fully loaded weight 400 kg
    Environmental temperature 15 - 28 °C
    Environmental humidity Non condensing

    Specification MPE  
    Dimensions Height: 4 RU (including 1-RU ventilation front panel), Width: 19“, Depth: 463 mm
    Electrical power input 220 .. 240 VAC, 50 Hz, 1 kW or 100 .. 127 VAC, 60 Hz, 1 kW
    Electrical power output 600 W total, optionally 1000 W, 8 x input voltage into MPE AC (IEC C13 Female, total 10 A max current),
    3 x 24 VDC (Neutrik XLR Female), optionally 5x 24 VDC
    Environmental temperature 15 - 28 °C (operation), 0 - 40 °C (storage and transport)
    Environmental humidity Non condensing

    Just go ahead and configure your own T-RACK! For details and help, please check with TOPTICA.

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