TOPO smart

High performance CW OPO

  • Economical tunable laser for mid infrared.
  • Optimized for vibrational spectroscopy in the C-H stretch region.
  • Narrow linewidth and fine tuning for high resolution spectroscopy.
  • Hands-free, digital control.

The TOPO smart is a continuous-wave optical parametric oscillator which uses a novel pumping scheme to reduce size and cost relative to typical CW OPOs. It fills a price and capability gap in the mid-IR between low power, narrowly tunable interband cascade lasers, and high power, widely tunable CW OPOs like the TOPO.

In applications like molecular spectroscopy, quantum technology, mid-IR integrated photonics, and mid-IR interferometry, researchers often have a particular target molecule, atom, or device in mind and they need only moderate tuning and power. The TOPO smart is designed to fit the needs, and the budget, of these experiments.