FemtoFiber smart 780 PT

Femtosecond fiber laser for 2-photon imaging solution

  • 2 m fiber delivery to your (handheld) device
  • Small size, low weight, low power consumption (battery-ready)
  • True OEM system, well-proven and turn-key
  • Cost-effective

The FemtoFiber smart 780 PT is a small sized, low weight and low power consuming all fiber-based femtosecond laser system ideally fitting for handheld and/or battery driven inspection devices. It unites both supply electronics and fiber laser optics in one box, with very compact SHG unit behind a flexible fiber delivery, being thus one of the smallest fiber laser units on the market. The system only needs 12 V power supply and comprises a collimated free-beam output at 780 nm.