FemtoFErb 1950

Compact 1.95 µm seed laser source

  • Frequency shifted Er-doped fiber laser
  • Short pulse emission < 100 fs @ 1950 nm
  • Alignment-free all-fiber setup, use of PM fibers only
  • SAM mode-locking technology
  • Compact design: optics and electronics just in one box

The FemtoFErb 1950 laser is a very robust all fiber-based femtosecond laser system with excellent amplitude and frequency jitter parameters. A more than 50 nm wide-spanning frequency shifted output spectrum centered at 1950 nm is generated with a highly nonlinear fiber. This laser unit can be used as a high reliable and cost-effective seed source for e.g. Thulium or Holmium based amplifier systems.

  • Specification

    Wavelength 1950 ± 10 nm*
    Pulse Width typ. 100 fs
    Laser Output Power > 30 mW
    Repetition Rate 30 MHz

    Output coupling SM/PM 1900 fiber patch cord, standard length 40 cm, detachable
    Dimensions laser head (HxWxD) 69 x 122 x 202 mm3
    Weight laser head < 2.2 kg
    Power supply 12 VDC
    Power consumption < 20 Watt
    Interfaces TTL control lines, Switchbox (optional) or remote control (USB)
    Environment temperature 15 - 40 °C (operating), 0 - 40 °C (storage and transport)
    Environment humidity Non-condensing

    *) other center wavelength possible, on request

  • Options
    • Other center wavelength on request
    • Other repetition rate on request
    • Specific pulse duration on request



    The FemtoFiber smart SwitchBox is a small tool for quick starters. It provides all switches, supply and status lines to run every FemtoFiber smart as a stand-alone system without integration environment and therefore is especially recommended for single-system users.

    TOPAS: Graphical User Interface

    The new TOPAS GUI allows to operate the FemtoFErb 1560 in a convenient way via USB. All you need is to download and install the setup wizard program (see Download section).

  • Applications
    • PicoFYb 1030: Seeding of Yb:YAG amplifiers
    • PicoFYb 1064: Seeding of Nd: YVO4 amplifiers
    • FemtoFYb 1030-400: Seeding of Yb:YAG amplifiers
    • FemtoFYb 1030-800: Seeding of Yb:YAG amplifiers


  • Downloads