DLC pro Lock

Software license for DLC pro

  • Software license to enable additional features of DLC pro
  • Two feedback channels with independent PID regulators
  • Top-of-fringe lock with included modulation and demodulation or side-of-fringe lock
  • Automatic optimization of PID parameter: autoPID

The DLC pro Lock is a software license that enables a number of features on a specific DLC pro. These allow to control the frequency of a laser for example by using a saturated absorption spectroscopy setup with a reference cell. This most popular example of frequency typically uses a modulation of the laser frequency, a de-modulation (Lock-In) for creation of the error signal and PID regulators for the generation of the error signal. All this may be achieved with a DLC pro control without further electronic modules.

It is also possible to run side-of-fringe locks, for example, if an error signal is generated externally, e.g. a Pound-Drever-Hall signal generated with the PDH module. Modulation and feedback may either be generated by the current or piezo controller of the DLC pro or using external controls such as AOMs or EOMs via the analog outputs of the DLC pro.

The frequency lock may be switched on easily on the DLC pro itself or from a connected PC with a simple click: This will stop the frequency ramp of the laser at the selected spectroscopic feature and activates the feedback.

A ReLock feature is also included, which allows for automatic relocking of the laser once the laser fell out of lock, e.g. if a monitoring signal is not in a specific windows anymore. If the DLC pro Lock is combined with the FALC pro, automatic relocking of frequency locks using this high-performance locking module are possible.

Setting up the lock is greatly simplified by the Locking Wizard of the PC GUI of the DLC pro. It even sets optimal PID parameters based on an automatic analysis (autoPID).

Frequency locks using Doppler-free spectroscopy e.g. applied for lasers used a MOT are typical applications of this locking option.