Working @ TOPTICA Worldwide

TOPTICA Photonics Inc. – USA

TOPTICA Photonics Inc was founded in 2001 and now is our strongest location outside Germany. Here we do not only sell and service our products but also develop and manufacture specific product lines like isolators and OPO laser systems. 30 employees in Rochester and various local offices now cover the north American continent.

TOPTICA Photonics SAS – France

The story of TOPTICA Photonics SAS (formerly Azurlight Systems) began in 2010 in Bordeaux (France) with the first demonstration of a multiwatt blue fiber laser.
Today, we can offer a multitude of specific wavelengths in infrared, visible or UV ranges based on our single frequency fiber laser and amplifier architecture.
This technology, able to combine high power and ultra-low noise has the potential to be a game-changer and push the limits of both academic and industrial applications. Our lasers have an international recognition and are becoming the perfect tool for the major challenges in quantum applications.

TOPTICA Photonics K.K. – Japan

TOPTICA Photonics K.K. was founded in 2016 and is our stronghold in technological important Japan. Business is growing strong and the team of 6 sales and service experts has now moved to a brand new location in Fuchu/Tokyo.


TOPTICA China is the youngest and strongest growing team member in the TOPTICA group. Founded in 2019 it now has more than a dozend employees for sales and service with offices each in Beijing and Shanghai.