Imaging Extensions

Fast and Flexible Imaging Platforms

  • Fast-scan option: > 40 pixel/s
  • “Complete version” for imaging in transmission and reflection
  • “Flexible version” for horizontal, vertical and oblique positioning
  • Data filtering in both time-domain and frequency-domain possible

TOPTICA offers two Imaging Extensions, compatible both with the TeraFlash pro and TeraFlash smart. The first version (“Complete Imaging Extension”) uses two precise linear stages to scan a sample through the focus of the terahertz beam. Users can quickly reconfigure the optics from a transmission setup to a reflection geometry and vice versa. The second version (“Flexible Imaging Extension”) includes a compact reflection head that moves on an aluminum frame. This assembly can be positioned horizontally, vertically or at any oblique angle and is therefore well suited to study heavy objects, including paintings and murals.