HighFinesse FAST Wavemeter Series

Fastest Commercially Available Wavelength Meters with Readout Rate of up to 76 kHz

  • Analyze fast wavelength dynamics
  • Data acquisition: 76 kHz
  • 200 MHz absolute accuracy
  • Instruments available for 380 - 1650 nm

Our WF6 series feature ultra-high measurement speeds, the fastest commercially available. Readout rates can be up to 24 kHz in the 380 – 1050 nm and even up to 76 kHz in the
980 – 1650 nm wavelength range. Fast swept laser sources can be precisely characterized with these wavelength meters.

The FAST wavelength meter can be externally triggered for synchronizing the wavelength measurements with other processes. As a special software feature an oscilloscope mode is included facilitating the analysis of fast wavelength dynamics.

  • Specification

    FAST Wavemeter series Absolute Accuracy [nm] Measurement Resolution [MHz] Speed [Hz] Wavelength Ranges [µm] Calibration
    WF6-600 VIS 600 20 24000 380-1050 see SLR-series
    WF6-200 VIS 200 4 24000 600-1050 see SLR-series
    WF6-200 IR 200 4 76000 980-1650 see SLR-series

    Oscilloscope Mode The oscilloscope feature illustrates periodically modulated lasers in a convenient way. Automatic edge triggering ensures a static image of the laser signal’s time behavior. Additionally the corresponding frequency components are displayed in an amplitude spectrum.


  • Options

    External Trigger

    All wavelength meters detect and measure pulsed signals automatically. Additionally, this option allows the user to trigger pulsed measurements externally. The TTL option guarantees synchronization between pulsed excitation and measurement.

    External Calibration

    Standard HighFinesse wavelength meters up to an absolute accuracy of 60 MHz feature autocalibration via an integrated calibration source. This guarantees the accuracy and stability of measurements with our wavelength meters. For the higher accuracies we offer a variety of frequency stabilized, narrow linewidth, laser sources with up to ± 10 kHz frequency stability for different applications.


  • Downloads

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