Phase Modulation Extension

Phase modulation for TeraScan or TeraBeam

  • Resolution booster
  • Phase and amplitude information at any frequency
  • Enhanced thermal stability due to dual-fiber concept
  • Path length modulation up to 3 mm @ 1 kHz
  • Requires TeraScan or TeraBeam

cw terahertz spectroscopy based on photomixing offers the attractive feature of detecting both amplitude and phase of the terahertz wave. Determining the phase requires a modulation of the optical path length, or the terahertz frequency. The Phase Modulation Package offers a particularly fast and accurate technique to scan the terahertz phase, by using a symmetric setup with two fiber stretchers wound around piezo actuators. Users can thus retrieve full information on phase and amplitude of the terahertz wave - with single-Megahertz resolution!