Terahertz Optomechanics

Setups for transmission or reflection measurements

  • Transmission: versatile sets with 3D precision-stages
  • Collimated beam (2 mirrors) or focussed beam (4 mirrors)
  • Reflection: compact heads with 4 mirrors or 2 mirrors (for transceiver)
  • Spot size: typ. 1 mm @ 1 THz

TOPTICA offers different sets of optomechanics, designed for the most common beam-path configurations. For transmission-mode experiments, three rail-based assemblies produce a collimated terahertz beam (2-mirror setups), or an additional focus (4-mirror setup). For applications that require a reflection geometry, a compact reflection head generates a focus at the location of the sample. The reflection head is available both for separate emitter/receiver antennas, and for transceiver modules.