Laser Rack Systems

Modular and compact 19” Laser Rack Systems for Quantum Technology 2.0 Applications

  • Broad application coverage via maximum modularity
  • Outstanding laser specifications
  • Industry-proof operation
  • Versatile usage

Today’s applications of high-end laser systems are increasingly complex, demand short time to market and require full application focus. Moreover, lab space often is constrained and flexible laser system availability is needed. TOPTICA addresses all of these demands with highly modular 19” T-RACK Laser Rack Systems.

This product family integrates high-end laser systems into an industrial form factor and is based on TOPTICA’s unique experience from thousands of TOPTICA lasers installed in scientific laboratories around the world.

TOPTICA’s Laser Rack Systems are designed to support a broad range of Quantum Technology applications including Quantum Computing, Quantum Simulation, Quantum Sensing & Metrology, Optical Clocks, Quantum Communication, Quantum Technology Research and many other exciting applications.

All Wavelengths. More Power. Maximum Modularity.

Multiple product groups of tunable diode lasers and frequency combs are all offered in the new form factor. Laser wavelengths are available in the range from 330 nm to 1770 nm, some with output powers of several Watts. Whatever the application requires, TOPTICA is committed to find the optimum combination of modular systems. The T-RACK is future proof given that it is straightforward to eventually add new modular units and systems.

No Compromise in Performance

TOPTICA’s Laser Rack Systems have been designed from the very start for high stability, ease of use and maximum versatility. As a consequence, T-RACK-integrated modular laser systems achieve the same ultimate optical performance as TOPTICA’s established table-top systems. All laser light comes from single-mode polarization-maintaining fibers and allows for flexible laser light delivery wherever needed.

Convenient Remote Control

All modular laser systems are powered by TOPTICA’s proven, versatile and convenient digital laser controller DLC pro. It provides local access via touch screen and complete remote control via Ethernet. The frequency comb is also remotely controlled from a single window.

Just works

The high level of integration not only saves lab space and ensures laser system mobility. With perfectly matching building blocks, TOPTICA guarantees that the complete system reliably works from day one of installation.

Configure your own T-RACK

Configure your own T-RACK

MDL pro Modular Tunable Single-Mode Diode Laser Unit
- Supporting up to 4 ECDL or DFB laser modules
- Wavelength coverage: 369 .. 1770 nm
MTA pro Modular Amplified Tunable Single-Mode Laser Unit
- Supporting up to 2 amplified laser modules
- Wavelength coverage: 660 .. 1770 nm
MSHG pro Modular Frequency-Doubled Tunable Laser Unit
- Efficient frequency-doubling resonator design
- Wavelength coverage: 330 .. 780 nm
MDFC Modular Difference Frequency Comb System
- Compact, robust, high-end and convenient
- Wavelength coverage: 420 - 2000 nm
MOM Modular Opto-Mechanics Breadboard Unit
- Optical breadboard for custom solutions
- Vibration isolation and pull-out mechanism
Wavelength Meter Rack-Mountable HighFinesse Wavelength Meter
- Best absolute accuracy down to 2 MHz
- Wavelength coverage: 192 nm .. 11 μ
Available rack unit space left: 34
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Beyond the configuration options as shown above, TOPTICA‘s Laser Rack Systems flexibly integrate additional building blocks like spectroscopy cells and a variety of locking electronics.