Laser Rack Systems

Modular and compact 19" Laser Rack Systems for Quantum Technology Applications & Research

Today’s applications of high-end laser systems are increasingly complex and demand short time to market. TOPTICA addresses both of these demands with its highly modular 19" Laser Rack Systems. The unique body of experience of thousands of TOPTICA lasers installed in scientific laboratories around the world culminates in this product family.

Laser Rack Solutions are designed to support a broad range of Quantum Technology applications like Optical Clock or Rydberg Atom Solutions.

Versatile, Modular, Future Proof

The broad product lines of tunable diode lasers and frequency combs are all offered in the new form factor. Available laser wavelengths are in the range from 330 nm to 1625 nm, some with output powers of several watts. Whatever your application demands, we will find the optimum combination of modules for your personal rack system. Adding new modules is simple.

No Compromise in Performance

The rack system has been designed from the ground up for high stability, ease of use and maximum versatility. All laser modules achieve the same ultimate performance as in TOPTICA’s established table-top systems: great passive stability, unique locking solutions and narrow linewidth.

Convenient Control

All laser modules are powered by TOPTICA’s proven, versatile and convenient digital laser controller DLC pro. It provides local access via touch screen and complete remote control via Ethernet. The frequency comb is also completely remote controlled from a single window.
All laser light comes from single-mode polarization-maintaining fibers.

Just works

The high level of integration not only saves a lot of lab space and makes the system movable. Because all components match perfectly, TOPTICA can guarantee that the complete system will work from day one.

System Components:

Modular Tunable Single-Mode Diode Laser System

  • Up to 4 ECDL or DFB lasers
  • 369 .. 1625 nm
  • Narrow linewidth

Modular Amplified Tunable Single-Mode Laser System

  • Up to 2 Amplified Lasers
  • 660 .. 1495 nm
  • High optical output power

Modular Frequency-Doubled Tunable Laser System

  • Frequency-Converted Laser
  • 330 .. 780 nm
  • Push-button coupling optimization

Modular Difference Frequency Comb

  • Frequency comb
  • 420 .. 2200 nm
  • All electronics included

Modular Opto-Mechanics Breadboard Unit

  • Optical breadboard for custom solutions
  • Pull-out mechanism
  • Drag chains for cable management

Laser Rack System

  • Qualified 19“ laser cabinet
  • Includes Modular Power Entry Unit (MPE)
  • Includes cable management

TOPTICA also provides a great range of laser phase and frequency locking electronics. Rack integration of laser locking electronics upon request.