Pump-Probe Systems

Femtosecond lasers synchronized with a TD-THz platform

TOPTICA offers a large variety of ultrafast lasers from ultraviolet to mid-infrared wavelengths. All of these systems come as robust, cost-effective light sources with superior specifications. They provide turnkey operation and require neither mechanical alignment nor water-cooling.

TOPTICA can synchronize any laser of the FemtoFiber ultra family to a TeraFlash pro system, a concept that becomes relevant in optical pump – terahertz probe experiments: An intense laser pulse excites the sample under test, and terahertz spectroscopy analyzes the induced changes in the material. An additional translation stage allows users to vary the time-of-arrival of the pump-laser pulses with respect to the terahertz measurement.

In an alternative scenario, researchers may wish to use a high-power laser to generate pulsed terahertz radiation in the first place, e.g., with the help of large-area emitters or antenna arrays. Vice versa, near-field applications may call for an exchange of the receiver module, whilst the photoconductive emitter remains in place. In both cases, TOPTICA can modify the TeraFlash pro according to customers’ requests.