FemtoFiber TeraFlash TRTS

Laser system for time-resolved terahertz time-domain spectroscopy (TRTS)

  • 100 dB dynamic range & more than 6 THz bandwidth
  • Dual option – simultaneous operation of 2 antenna pairs
  • Optical synchronization to femtosecond pump lasers for TRTS
  • Integrated pump-probe delay up to 500 ps
  • Simple, turn-key, and compact solution

The FemtoFiber TeraFlash TRTS laser system is a true work horse for time-resolved THz spectroscopy (TRTS). The laser is based on our well established TeraFlash pro platform and extends its capabilities towards optical-pump THz-probe spectroscopy. Optical synchronization between the pump and probe laser is achieved via a common oscillator resulting in a highly stable and robust measurement solution. Integrated pump-probe delay options, all fiber design, and full software control make this laser simple, turn-key, and compact - TRTS has never been easier!