Lasers for Spectroscopy

Ideal tools for laser spectroscopy

  • Absorption spectroscopy
  • Gas monitoring
  • Trace gas analysis
  • Molecular and atomic spectroscopy

Spectroscopy is a widely used method to analyze gases or to study molecular and atomic properties. Varying the frequency of a laser that is sent through a gas, one can see typical dips in the power of the laser after passing the gas. The laser frequencies at which these absorption lines occur are very characteristic for one atomic or molecular species and the depth of the dip is linked to the density of the atomic or molecular gas. One can measure the composition of a gas as well as the partial density of an individual component. High resolution spectroscopy on atoms and molecules is also used to study their internal structure and to test physics. 

TOPTICA's offer for spectroscopy

TOPTICA’s added value for spectroscopic applications is that we offer industrial/oem grade lasers and research grade lasers at many different wavelengths. We are proud to offer the broadest wavelength coverage based on research grade diode lasers. For nearly every wavelength in the range of 205 nm (sometimes even below) to 3000 nm (with THz systems even above), we can manufacture a tunable laser. The linewidth of many of our lasers can even be tailored to match the requirements of the spectroscopic application.

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