Unrivaled Accuracy and Precision, Unmatched Measurement Speed

Superb Noise Sensitivity, Realtime Linewidth Analysis, Linewidth Reduction

  • absolute accuracy down to 2 MHz
  • Measurement resolution <200 kHz
  • Ranges: for 192 to 2250 nm
  • up to 1500 Hz measurement speed
  • Time trace
  • Noise density spectrum
  • Intensity noise spectrum
  • Laser lineshape spectrum

High Resolution and Unmatched Measurement Speed

Seamless Integration, Network Operability

  • 500 Hz measurement speed
  • Resolving power R = 20,000
  • Ranges: 192 nm - 11 µm
  • Wavelength accuracy: 6 GHz
  • Turnkey instruments
  • USB or ethernet: API and SCPI
  • Trigger, PID laser control, …

Ultra-High Measurement Speed

  • See fast wavelength dynamics
  • Data acquisition: 76 kHz
  • 200 MHz absolute accuracy
  • Ranges: 380 - 1650 nm

About HighFinesse

HighFinesse GmbH is the leading supplier for wavelength measurement devices, including the WS8, the most accurate commercially available wavelength meter in the world. This ultra-precise device is capable of measuring pulsed and cw light sources as accurate as 0.8 femtometers.
When it comes to the high standards of the photonics community in scientific research as well as industrial development, HighFinesse GmbH understands the challenges and high demands for customization.
HighFinesse GmbH started 20 years ago to set the standard of accuracy in optical measurement technologies – and successfully serves researchers and quantum engineers worldwide.

Further Information and Data Sheets

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