FemtoFiber dichro

Versatile two-color femtosecond laser systems

The new FemtoFiber dichro series simultaneously generates two perfectly synchronized laser beams at different wavelengths. This new concept provides a compact and easy-to-use laser system which requires no more than the push of a button for laser operation.

TOPTICA’s first laser system based on this novel platform is the FemtoFiber dichro midIR, which uses this new approach to generate a broadband mid-infrared spectrum. The Er-doped fiber laser based system provides broadband laser pulses that are tunable in the range of 5 - 15 μm. The mid-infrared pulses are generated in a difference frequency process (DFG) between a 1.5 μm fundamental source, and a 1.7 - 2 μm supercontinuum source.

  • SAM mode-locked all PM fiber setup
  • User friendly turnkey operation
  • Robust and reliable, compact design
  • Two-color synchronized output
  • Semi-automatic time-delay adjustment

 WavelengthPulse durationAverage output powerRepetition rate
FemtoFiber dichro midIR5 - 15 µm,
20 - 60 THz,
670 - 2000 cm-1 (tuning range)
---typ. 1 mW80 MHz