GaAs and InGaAs Photomixers

Emitter/receiver modules for TeraBeam

  • Cutting-edge photomixer technology
  • GaAs and InGaAs-based emitter/receiver modules
  • Fully packaged modules with SM/PM fiber pigtail
  • Up to 100 µW output power
  • Requires TeraBeam 780 or TeraBeam 1550

Having teamed up with some of the leading terahertz research institutes, TOPTICA is able to provide top-quality GaAs and InGaAs photomixers. Both material systems offer an excellent bandwidth and dynamic range. The modules come equipped with a Silicon lens and SM/PM fiber pigtail. The all-fiber design eliminates the need for time-consuming laser beam alignment, and enables an easy and flexible integration into any terahertz assembly.