TA-FHG pro

High-power, tunable, frequency-quadrupled diode laser

  • Two resonant frequency doubling stages
  • SUV and AutoAlign options - unprecedented DUV power & lifetime
  • PowerLock output power stabilization
  • With digital control DLC pro: Less drift & linewidth

The TA-FHG pro is a tunable, diode-based laser source in the deep UV spectral range. The system consists of an external cavity diode laser, a high power semiconductor amplifier (TA), and two cascaded second harmonic generation stages (SHG pro). Alternatively, it can be equipped with a fiber amplifier (FA) or Raman fiber amplifier (RFA). For unmatched DUV power and lifetime, it can be equipped with the SUV cavity. It provides tunable laser radiation for spectroscopy, laser cooling, holography and interferometry.