Single Frequency Lasers

Power, Coherence, Stability

TOPTICA's single-frequency diode lasers employ state-of-the-art diode technology to achieve the highest single-frequency output power of any direct diode-based system. For example, the TopMode 405 nm model offers as much as 100 mW – an industry record!

Even Watt-class UV/RGB solutions are provided by frequency-converted diode lasers. TOPTICA's single-frequency lasers feature a narrow spectral width, translating into a long coherence length. All models exhibit an excellent stability of wavelength and output power, combined with TEM00 operation mode.

 WavelengthMax. Output PowerOperation Linewidth
iBeam smart WS633 nm
638 nm
685 nm
785 nm
40/70 mW
30 (120) mW
45 mW
120 mW
cwTEM00, single frequency, coherence length > 5 m< 25 MHz
TopMode405 nm50 (100) mWcwTEM00, single frequency, coherence length > 25 m< 5 MHz
TopWave 405405 nm1 WcwTEM00, single frequency, coherence length > 100 m< 1 MHz
TopWave 266266 nm150 / 300 mWcwTEM00, single-frequency, coherence length > 100 m< 1 MHz
XTRA II785 nm300 / 500 mWcwTEM00, single-frequency, coherence length > 10 m< 10 MHz