Tuning Range Extension

Tuning range extensions for frequency-domain terahertz systems

  • Third laser head – access to higher frequencies
  • Exploits full bandwidth of InGaAs photomixers
  • Tuning range up to 2.0 THz or 2.7 THz
  • Frequency calibration for each 2-laser subset
  • Requires TeraScan 1550 or TeraBeam 1550

TOPTICA is been able to push the frequency limits of frequency-domain spectrometers. Whilst one DFB laser at 1.5 µm offers a tuning range of approximately 600 GHz, a combination of three lasers covers the entire range from DC to 2.0 THz, or – using more elaborate combinations – even up to 2.7 THz. TOPTICA’s “Tuning Range Extension” thus provides access to frequencies that used to be beyond reach with commercial frequency-domain spectrometers.