Automatic alignment at the push of one button

  • Allows for true hands-off operation over years
  • Based on ultrastable patented mirror mounts
    patent numbers: DE 10 2009 025 309 / US 9,323,025
  • Applicable for tapered amplifier, SHG cavity, FHG cavity & FiberMon sections
  • Completely passive setup until optimization starts
  • Saves hundreds of hours of valuable experimentalist’s time

The need for realignment of optics can become necessary from time to time even in the case of the most ruggedized laser systems. For example, TOPTICA’s guide star laser contains a resonant frequency doubler and is designed for service-free operation for years after commissioning in a very demanding environment.

AutoAlign allows for optimization of the input coupling of several stages in the laser head: Coupling of the seed (DL pro) into the tapered amplifier stage (TA pro), coupling of the TA pro into the frequency doubler (SHG pro), and from the doubler into the quadrupling stage (FHG pro). Also, in SHG stages, coupling into the output FiberMon is possible. Allowing one to optimize all stages at a one-button push, this automatism saves valuable experimenter’s time and allows true hands-off operation.

Since optimization algorithms can potentially interfere with stable and quite operation of the laser system, TOPTICA based the AutoAlign technology upon the patented, flexure-joint mirror mount design which is used for all TA pro and Frequency-Converted systems. By motorizing the standard fine-thread screws, highest resolution is combined with extremely reliable actuators. When not in use, the motors are completely switched off and unpowered, such that any disturbance of the laser system from acoustics, vibration or heat intake can be ruled out down to the quantum metrology level.

AutoAlign is available for Frequency Converted Lasers like the TA-SHG pro, for Laser Rack Systems the UV-RGB solutions.

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