HighFinesse Standalone Instruments

Turnkey Wavemeters and Spectrometers for Industrial Applications and Easy System Integration

  • Turnkey instruments in industry standard cases
  • Communication via ethernet (API and SCPI)
  • Multiple options: external trigger, PID laser control, and more

The standalone version provides all benefits of the HighFinesse wavelength meters or spectrum analyzers without the need for a connection to a PC. The instruments come in an industry standard case and can be ordered with and without touchscreen.

Measurements can be recorded directly onto the instrument internal storage or externally. They can be stored easily on USB flash drives or HDD/SSDs. The wavemeter can be integrated via Ethernet and fully controlled via the HighFinesse API or via SCPI commands. All Wavelength Meters of the WS-Series and all Laser Spectrum Analyzers can be ordered as a Standalone instrument facilitating the integration in larger systems.

• Compatible with Wavemeter series WS8, WS7, WS6, WS5, and LSA
• Ethernet Remote Access via networked API and industry standard SCPI (additional layer to IEEE-488.2)
• Data retrieval via ethernet or USB flash drive