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Laser Locking Electronics

Intelligent solution for versatile laser locking

TOPTICA provides exceptionally stable tunable diode lasers that feature narrow linewidths. Still, many demanding applications have even more rigorous requirements. To reduce remaining frequency fluctuations or cancel out long-term frequency drifts, active frequency stabilization, or "locking", is required.




DigiLock 110 FALC 110 & mFALC 110
PDD 110/F PID 110 DLC pro Lock* Wavelength Meter
Description / Type Versatile digital locking solution incl. PID Fast Analog 2-Channel PID Pound-Drever-Hall Signal Generation, requires additional PID Analog PID All-digital  feedback solution, incl. PID Wavelength meter with PID option
Main application all linewidth narrowing PDH locking, FM or modulation transfer spectroscopy Side-of-fringe spectroscopy Spectroscopy lock Long-term stabilization
Side-of-fringe     not applicable
Top-of-fringe With PDH or PDD With PDH or PDD  not applicable
Max. bandwidth ≈ 10 MHz ≈ 45 MHz 50 MHz (analog)
1.5 MHz (digital)
≈ 7 MHz kHz .. MHz ≈ 30 kHz < 100 Hz
Modulation frequency 17 Hz .. 25 MHz   5 MHz or 25 MHz 12 - 35 MHz**   11 Hz .. 160 kHz not applicable
Accuracy depends on reference (can be very good)    2 MHz
Signal analysis FFT, ...         FFT, ...  
Relock mechanisms    ✔  
Computer control  ✔    
High voltage output    ✔  
High bandwidth output  ✔  ✔  
Two feedback channels  ✔  ✔ Up to 8 channels available
Rack compatibility*** ****  
Strength    High end & preferrable  Low cost Integrated in DLC pro stand-alone

*optional software license for DLC pro
**5- 70 MHz versions available
***DLC ext or SYS DC 110
****Built-in module for DLC pro