Laser Cabinet for 19'' Laser Rack Modules

  • Cabinet for a variety of 19” laser modules
  • Mobile, sturdy design
  • Includes Modular Power Entry Unit (MPE)
  • Professional cable and thermal management
  • Wide range of laser modules available

The T-RACK is a cabinet specifically designed and qualified for TOPTICA laser modules and frequency combs of the Laser Rack Systems series. It features a Modular Power Entry Unit (MPE) and panel mounts for 19" subunits with a total free space of 34 rack units (U). 4 castors make it mobile and 4 eye bolts allow for safe transport and installation. Remote control of laser controllers and frequency comb is simplified by an integrated industrial Fast Ethernet switch with a total of 8 ports.

The T-RACK is distinct from other racks by a dedicated, sturdy design. Cable management, thermal management without any fans and vibration isolation are carefully engineered. The Modular Power Entry Unit (MPE) bundles power supply and laser interlocks.

The T-RACK is future proof, because it can be retrofitted with additional TOPTICA modules if space is still available.

Compatible modules include:

  • Modular Tunable Single-Mode Diode Laser Systems - MDL pro
  • Modular Amplified Tunable single-Mode Laser systems - MTA pro
  • Modular Frequency-Doubled Tunable Laser Systems - MSHG pro
  • Modular Difference Frequency Comb and Wavelength Extensions - MDFC
  • Modular Opto-Mechanics Breadboard Unit - MOM

  • Specification

    Specifications T-RACK
    Height ≤ 1970 mm
    Height with eye bolts at the top ≤ 2025 mm
    Height (total rack units) 38 U
    Available space for additional rack modules 34 U
    Capacity ≤5x DLC pro, ≤2x MTA, ≤4x MSHG, ≤4x MOM (not more than 34 U in total)
    Dimensions (W x D) 600 x 800 mm2
    Weight ≤ 120 kg
    Maximum Load 800 kg
    Environmental temperature 15 - 28°C
    Environmental humidity Non condensing

    Specifications MPE
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 3HE x 19” x 453 mm = 134 x 448 x 453 mm3
    Power supply (input) 200 .. 240V, 50 Hz, 2.0 kW or 90 .. 110V, 50/60 Hz, 1.3 kW
    Output 8 x input voltage AC (IEC C13 Female, current sum 10 A max.), 6 x 24 VDC (Neutrik XLR Female)
    Environmental temperature 15 - 28°C
    Environmental humidity Non condensing

    One rack unit (U) of free space is required below each TOPTICA rack module. For details and help on different configurations please get in touch.

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