MSHG pro

High-power, tunable, frequency-doubled diode laser for 19" rack integration

  • For integration in the T-RACK or in a 19” standard rack
  • Resonant frequency doubling stage
  • Wavelengths: 330 .. 780 nm, linewidth < 500 kHz
  • Light provided by single-mode PM fibers
  • With digital control DLC pro: Less drift & linewidth

The MSHG pro system, part of the UV / RGB solutions, comprises a tunable diode laser (DL pro), a high power semiconductor amplifier (TA pro) and an integrated frequency doubling stage (SHG pro). Alternatively, it is available with a fiber (FA) or Raman fiber (RFA) amplifier.

The MSHG pro laser head is the 3U 19” subrack mounted version of the TA-SHG pro head. Such, it allows for quick integration in new and existing setups. Furthermore, it enables transportability and more compact lab setups for the next generation of Quantum Technologies experiments. Please see Laser Rack Systems for the complete product family and T-RACK for a suitable rack.

The SHG stage is a folded ring cavity in bow-tie configuration with excellent thermal and mechanical stability. The system includes fully-automated push-button coupling optimization AutoAlign into the TA chip, the SHG cavity and the output fiber, as well as output power stabilization. It provides tunable laser radiation for spectroscopy, laser cooling, holography and interferometry.

The system achieves the same ultimate performance as TOPTICA's established TA-SHG pro: Unprecedented passive stability, unique locking solutions, and narrow linewidth. Each output is fiber-coupled (using FiberDock) independently to allow for flexible access. A drawer slide design enables easy service.

The laser is controlled with TOPTICA's DLC pro. With a touch screen, knobs and buttons this 3U laser controller enables a unique user convenience, combined with a low-noise operation and intelligent locking functions due to its digital architecture. It also enables a remote control of the integrated laser modules.