MSHG pro

Modular Frequency-Doubled Tunable Laser System for 19" rack integration

  • Highly-stable resonant frequency-doubling stage
  • Spectral coverage 330 .. 780 nm with power up to 2 W from PM fiber
  • Includes AutoAlign for coupling into amplifier chip, doubling stage and output fiber
  • Low noise and drift, narrow linewidth 1 .. 120 kHz
  • Digital control via DLC pro for best performance and convenience

The MSHG pro is the 19” rack-mountable version of the SHG pro and it seamlessly integrates into TOPTICA’s T-RACK or other suitable 19” racks. The MSHG pro laser head includes a tunable diode laser, a high-power semiconductor amplifier and an integrated frequency-doubling (SHG) stage. The SHG stage is a folded ring cavity in bow-tie configuration with excellent thermal and mechanical stability. On request, it is also available with a fiber (FA) or Raman fiber (RFA) amplifier.

Like all building blocks of TOPTICA’s Laser Rack Systems, the MSHG pro is designed to clear optical tables and to stow away lasers into a 19" form factor. It is ideally suited for integration into TOPTICA Laser Rack Systems that allow researchers to focus on their experiment rather than on their laser system. It provides tunable laser radiation for spectroscopy, holography and interferometry as well as for Quantum Technology research and applications.

When operated in TOPTICA’s T-RACK, the MSHG pro has the same optical specifications as a fiber-coupled SHG pro system. The system includes fully-automated push-button coupling optimization AutoAlign into amplifier chip, SHG cavity and output fiber. Moreover, MSHG pro supports output power stabilization.

The MSHG pro modular laser unit features a full-extension pull-out mechanism and dynamic cable management, both ensuring easy access to the laser modules. Moreover, it offers passive vibration isolation decoupling the lasers from the environment. The unit consumes a total of 4 Rack Units (RU) in height, including an extra 1 RU blanking front panel recommended for thermal isolation between laser units. Optical output is fiber-delivered allowing for flexible laser light delivery wherever required.

The MSHG pro laser head is controlled with TOPTICA’s DLC pro. Its digital architecture enables low-noise laser operation, intelligent locking functions and remote control via Ethernet.