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Digital laser locking module

  • FPGA-based laser locking: Fast & flexible
  • Fully digital and computer controlled
  • Fast response, high bandwidth
  • Multiple PIDs, Lock In, Pound-Drever-Hall, FFT, network analysis
  • Click & Lock, Auto- & ReLock, response, simulation

TOPTICAs DigiLock 110 is the versatile solution for laser control, stabilization, characterization & analysis. Its digital nature makes it easy to use, flexible and intelligent. The FPGA based hardware allows for high bandwidth and flexibility, and with its clever software one has the overview, but can go into every tiny detail if need be.

Download our Demonstration Video "Quick Spectroscopy Setup"!

  • Specifications
    • Functionality Overview

      Scan function   
      Scan frequency0.1 Hz - 33 MHzBandwidth limited on some channels
      Waveform typesSine, triangle, square, sawtooth  
      PID function 1   
      Signal latency200nsADC and DAC latency included
      ParametersP, I, D, I cut-off  
      PID function 2   
      Signal latency200nsADC and DAC latency included
      ParametersP, I, D  
      Analog P function   
      Bandwidth21 MHz (-3 dB, -200° phase)  
      Lock-In function   
      Modulation frequency12 Hz - 781 kHz 
      Pound-Drever-Hall function   
      Modulation frequency1.56, 3.13, 6.25, 12.5, 25MHz


    • Input Channels

      Input ChannelsResolutionSample rateBandwidthRangeImpedanceComment
      (bit) (Hz)(-3 dB) (Hz)(V)(Ohm) 
      Main in14100 M14 M± 2.150 Input signal at <main> has to be between ± 3.5V; it can be shifted with the <input /> and amplified with the PGA </main>
      Aux in14100 M15 M± 2.150 
      Precise in16200 k50 k± 2.010 k 
      DCC Iact16100 k15 k± 13.140 kSYS DC 110 backplane
      DTC Tact16100 k15 k± 13.140 kSYS DC 110 backplane
      AIO 1 in16100 k15 k± 12.547 kNormally used as output
      AIO 2 in16100 k15 k± 12.547 k 
      Sum in  27 M± 1.050 Bandwidth between <sum> and <main> </main></sum>


    • Output Channels

      Output ChannelsResolutionSample rateBandwidthRange50 OhmComment
      (bit)(Hz)(-3 dB) (Hz)(V)driver 
      Main out14100 M19 M± 1.0YesSum of <sum> and Analog P branch</sum>
      Aux out14100 M19 M± 1.0Yes 
      SC 110 out21100 k18 k± 6.5NoSYS DC 110 backplane;
            amplification by 15 with SC110
      DCC Iset21100 k18 k± 6.5NoSYS DC 110 backplane
      DTC Tset16100 k18 k± 6.5NoSYS DC 110 backplane
      AIO 1 out16100 k16 k± 6.5No 
      AIO 2 out16100 k16 k± 6.5NoNormally used as input
      Error out  20 M± 1.7YesError out = (<main> + <input />) x Gain/2; bandwidth between <main> and <error></error></main></main>
      TRIG   0, 2.6Yes

    • General


      Supply voltage± 15 V
      Supply current +15 V (typ)700 mA
      Supply current -15 V (typ)200 mA


  • Additional Information
  • Applications
  • Downloads


    Free software downloads of the latest DigiLock software. For evaluation purposes, the software can be installed and tested without a DigiLock module connected.

    To sign up for receiving notifications about new DigiLock software releases or to send bug reports or feature requests, please email to digilock [at]

    Part 1 - Introduction
    Part 2 - Basic locking
    Part 3 - Advanced locking

  • Literature
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