TeraFlash pro

Versatile time-domain terahertz platform

  • 100 dB peak dynamic range, > 6 THz bandwidth
  • Variable terahertz path length between 15 cm and 110 cm
  • Fast shaker – 60 traces/s @ 50 ps
  • New: “Dual” version for 2 emitter/receiver pairs

The TeraFlash pro, a table-top time-domain terahertz platform, sets new standards in terms of dynamic range, bandwidth and measurement speed. By means of a highly to an advanced laser design and progress in photoconductive antennas, the system now achieves a peak dynamic range of 100 dB, and a bandwidth of more than 6 THz. Owing to a highly precise mechanical delay stage, the system acquires 60 traces/s @ 50 ps scan range, or 95 traces/s @ 20 ps. The new “Dual” version enables simultaneous operation of two emitters and/or two receivers.