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Schottky Receivers

Versatile equipment for terahertz sensing

    • Zero-bias Schottky diodes
    • Output signal proportional to incident terahertz power
    • Ideally suited for terahertz imaging
    • Two versions: High Responsivity / High Bandwidth
    • Ultrafast version measures individual terahertz pulses

    Schottky diodes work as incoherent receivers (i.e., power detectors) for both pulsed and cw-terahertz radiation. Applications like terahertz imaging benefit from both speed and sensitivity of the Schottky receivers. A special high-bandwidth version lends itself for the study of ultrafast processes – owing to its capability of resolving the amplitudes of individual terahertz pulses, even at typical repetition rates of femtosecond fiber lasers!

    • Schottky receivers
    • Schottky receivers