Terahertz Systems

Optoelectronic Terahertz-Generation

TOPTICA provides terahertz spectrometers as well as components for both time-domain and frequency-domain techniques. For time-domain applications, the TeraFlash pro sets new standards in terms of dynamic range, bandwidth and measurement speed. Combining TOPTICA’s FemtoFiber smart laser technology with state-of-the-art InGaAs antennas, the system achieves a peak dynamic range of 100 dB and a bandwidth of more than 6 THz. The new “Dual” version drives two emitter-receiver pairs simultaneously, e.g. for synchronous measurements in transmission and reflection.

The new TeraFlash smart uses two synchronized femtosecond lasers and a proprietary scanning scheme (electronically controlled optical sampling, ECOPS) to achieve extremely high measurement speeds: the system acquires up to 1600 complete pulse traces per second.

Various Imaging Extensions, compatible both with TeraFlash pro and TeraFlash smart, enable researchers to exploit the full potential that the combination of time-domain imaging and spectroscopy has to offer.  

For researchers working with GaAs-based photoconductive switches or with organic-crystal emitters, TOPTICA provides a variety of ultrafast fiber lasers, all of which come with superior specifications. Owing to the use of robust saturable absorber mirror technology for mode-locking, all lasers offer turnkey operation and do not require any mechanical alignment.

For frequency-domain terahertz spectroscopy, TOPTICA offers two "TopSeller" systems – TeraScan 1550 and TeraScan 780. Based on precisely tunable DFB lasers, digital control electronics, and latest GaAs and InGaAs photomixer technology, the TeraScan systems combine ease of use with best-in-class specifications.

A set of modular product packages extends the cw-terahertz product portfolio: The Tuning Range Extension pushes the useable bandwidth out to almost 3 THz, and the Phase Modulation Extension features two fiber stretchers for fast and accurate scanning of the terahertz phase. The packages can be combined and upgraded depending on the requirements of the experiment.

Selected accessories – Schottky diodes and optomechanics – are available for both time-domain and frequency-domain systems.

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TeraScanFrequency-domain terahertz platform with megahertz-level frequency resolution
TeraBeamDual-color DFB lasers with digital driver electronics and precise frequency control
Tuning Range ExtensionAdditional diode laser, increases the useable bandwidth beyond 2 THz
Phase Modulation ExtensionResolution booster – phase and amplitude information with single-MHz resolution
PhotomixersTop-quality photomixers for cw-terahertz generation, with SM/PM fiber pigtail

TeraFlash proTime-domain terahertz system with 6 THz bandwidth
Imaging ExtensionImaging in transmission and reflection, > 40 pixels/sec
TeraFlash smartHigh-speed time-domain terahertz platform
Photoconductive SwitchesBroadband antennas for pulsed terahertz generation, with Si lens and fiber pigtail
FemtoFErb 1560 FD6.5Compact and cost-effective fs fiber laser, available at 1.5 µm and 780 nm



OptomechanicsOptics for terahertz transmission or reflection measurements
Schottky ReceiversZero-bias Schottky diodes for terahertz imaging