iBeam smart PT

Pigtailed High-Performance Single Mode Diode Laser

  • COOLDC: ultra stable permanent fiber coupling
  • FINE: Eliminates noise from optical feedback
  • SKILL: Reduces speckle in your application
  • Analog and digital modulation up to 250 MHz

The iBeam smart PT with permanent fiber attachment is - like its successful “brother” iBeam smart -  the ultimate choice when looking for a high-performance, ultra-reliable OEM single mode diode laser system. The fiber coupled diode laser comes with TOPTICA’s ingenious COOLDC technology to provide a constant optical output level even under strongly varying ambient conditions and ensures true drop-shipment capabilities. This technology completely eliminates the need for manual realignment. Its flexible, µ-processor based electronics will make system integration of the iBeam smart PT a snap. Features as FINE, SKILL and AUTOPULSE are capable to solve common problems of your application.