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iChrome CLE

Compact, efficient four-color laser engine

  • Four colors in one box
  • 405, 488, 561, 640 nm with > 20 mW each
  • COOLAC automatic alignment
  • Unique modulation capabilities
  • Unified user interface


TOPTICA's iChrome CLE is a compact laser engine that combines four laser lines in one box. All integrated colors are provided via one polarization-maintaining single-mode fiber. It is available with 405, 488, 561 and 640 nm and more than 20 mW guaranteed output power after the fiber each. The system guarantees a plug & play installation since it includes TOPTICA's proprietary COOLAC automatic alignment technology.

This way the laser combiner system is ready-to-use after one simple button click. 561 nm laser light is generated by TOPTICA´s proprietary FDDL technology. Each laser line, including the 561nm FDDL, can be directly modulated up to a frequency of 1 MHz and TOPTICA's "Complete OFF" mechanism guarantees zero photons in the "off"-state.


  • iChrome CLE, four colors
  • iChrome CLE
  • iChrome CLE
  • Specifications

    Wavelength405 nm488 nm561 nm640 nm
    Center Wavelength Range± 4 nm± 4 nm± 2 nm+3 / -5 nm
    Fiber Coupled cw Output Power20 mW20 mW20 mW20 mW

    Optical CleanUp: Transmission / Bandwidth (typ.)>90 % / 10 nm>90 % / 6 nm -->90 % / 8 nm
    Power Stability (drift over  8h @ room temperature +/- 3 °C)< 5 %
    RMS Noise (10 Hz - 10 MHz)< 0.2 %
    < 1.1   
    Ellipticity < 10 %
    Polarization Ratio (typ.)> 100:1   
    Polarization Orientation Tolerance (referred to index key)linear, ± 3° (slow axis aligned to index key)   
    Fiber Specification     
    Fiber Output ConnectorFC/AFC (8° angled) as standard, others like FC/PC, FC/APC,
    FCP8 or SC on request   
    Fiber Cable Length (max.)2 m
    Fiber Cable Type3 mm Stainless Steel reinforced
    Fiber Minimum Bend Radius50 mm
    Fiber TypeSingle-mode, Polarization Maintaining   
    Fiber Numerical Aperture (5%) (typ.)0.0800.0760.0710.066
    Mode-field diameter (typ.)3.9 µm5.0 µm6.2 µm7.5 µm
    Electronic Specification      
    Digital Modulation      
    Supported Digital Signal LevelsTTL   
    Max. Digital Modulation Frequency1000 kHz
    Rise/Fall Time (10% - 90 %)< 0.2 µs
    Trigger to light (typ.)< 1 µs
    Digital Modulation Extinction Ratioinf.
    Analog Modulation     
    Max. Modulation Frequency (depending on modulation depth)1000 kHz
    Analog Trigger to Light (typ.)< 1 µs
    Analog Modulation Extinction Ratioinf.
    General  and Environmental Specification     
    CertificationCE compliance / RoHS compliance / CDRH   
    Laser class3b   
    Digital Communication InterfaceRS 232 (≤ 115.200 baud), Ethernet   
    Operating Ambient Temperature Range15 .. 35 °C
    Storage Temperature Range-10 .. 60 °C
    Operating Relative Humidity< 90 %, non condensing
    Dimensions Laser Head248 x 201 x 110 mm3 (L x W x H)


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  • Options

    Standard Features:

    • COOLAC: Constant Optical Output Level by push-button auto-recalibration. This feature ensures full drop-shipment capability and best stability even under heavily changing ambient conditions
    • FINE: Feedback Induced Noise Eraser for laser diode based wavelengths. Immunization to optical feedback, ideal for fiber coupling and reflective surfaces


     Optional Features:

    • FiberOut: Fiber collimator for FC/APC and FC/PC fibers

  • Applications

    • Flow cytometry
    • Confocal microscopy
    • Live-cell imaging
    • TIRF
    • FRAP
    • High throughput screening 
    • Genome analyzers
    • Optogenetics

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