Product Feature: Optical Isolators

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  • High Isolation – Ultimate Stability
  • Low Loss – Plenty of Power
  • Large Aperture – Excellent Beam Quality

TOPTICA's optical isolators are specially designed and manufactured in-house by the laser experts of TOPTICA and provide industry leading performance with high isolation, transmission, and power densities. They enable state of the art protection for the most stable lasers in the world.

TOPTICA isolators are the same components already used in the industry-leading DL pro, DL 100, TA-SHG pro, TA-FHG pro and Amplified Lasers product lines. They have been demonstrated to effectively reduce feedback in external cavity diode laser systems, block reflections from free-space fiber coupling, increase power stabilization in optical systems, and eliminate feedback-induced damage to sensitive optical components. The same superior isolators that make TOPTICA lasers the industry standard are now offered individually.


Single StageDual StageCustom OEM
Wavelength Coverage395 – 425, 630 – 1400 nm640 – 1100 nmNegotiable!
Aperture5 mm5 mm
Minimum Isolation38 dB (43 dB typ.)60 dB (67 dB typ.)
Minimum Transmission85 % (92 % typ.)80 % (90 % typ)
Additional InformationFull Specifications OnlineContact us!

View the entire catalog and full specifications of isolators online. Contact us directly for custom designs or competitive OEM pricing. Make sure to come see us at CLEO in San Jose to discuss further!