Lasers for Multi-wavelength Digital Holography


TOPTICA introduces new wavelengths at 445 nm and 447 nm in its TopMode single-frequency diode laser series, pushing the boundaries of high-resolution Raman spectroscopy, microlithography, multi-wavelength digital holography and interferometry.

TOPTICA’s TopMode lasers operate as easily as a HeNe, but also offer higher power and the choice of wavelength. The TopMode series sets records in terms of power, coherence and wavelength stability. The proprietary CoHerence-Advanced Regulation Method (CHARM) provides an active stabilization of the lasers’ coherence and ensures continuous single-frequency operation. TopMode and CHARM means nothing less than reliable 24/7 operation.

Compact Single-Frequency Lasers for easy OEM integration

The short wavelengths provided by our TopMode 405 lasers are particularly well-suited to Raman spectroscopy of inorganic materials, for which no fluorescence obscures the Raman signal. Raman intensity depends on the excitation wavelength by a factor 1/λ4. TopMode lasers at 405 nm allow strong Raman signals that remain detectable by Si-based detectors.

In digital holography, the topography of a surface is measured by recording an interference pattern using several, carefully selected wavelengths. The separation between laser wavelengths, e.g. λ1 and λ2, provides a “Synthetic wavelength” defined by ∧ = λ1⋅λ2 / | λ12 |, which determines the maximum height that can be measured. We can provide TopMode lasers with wavelengths customized to your application.

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Key Features:

  • TopSeller: 100 mW at 405 nm
  • Customized wavelengths 375 nm - 515 nm
  • Enables repeatable, high-resolution measurements
  • Easy OEM integration


  • High resolution Raman spectroscopy
  • Digital holography
  • Lithography
  • Precision metrology
  • Scatterometry
  • Interferometry and holography
  • Quantum cryptography