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  • Stability
  • Ease of use
  • Thermal and acoustic ruggedness
  • Hands-off operation wherever possible
  • Flexure joints wherever expedient
  • Patented DL pro design (DE 10 2007 028 499, US 7970024)

That's what TOPTICA's lasers in patented pro design stand for! Successful scientific research requires state of the art equipment in order to produce outstanding results. At TOPTICA we understand what it means to spend long nights relying on (laser) technology for collecting data. With this in mind, TOPTICA’s lasers in patented pro design feature highest stability, best specifications and optimized ease of use – all at the same time. The DL pro was launched in 2007, featuring an innovative resonator design and setting a new benchmark in robustness against temperature changes and vibrations. The pro design was quickly transferred to our amplified and frequency converted tunable diode laser and finally also to our line of ultrafast lasers.

Tunable diode lasers

DL pro

Frequency converted (amplified)
diode lasers

SHG pro
DL-SHG pro
TA-SHG pro
TA-FHG pro

Proprietary resonator design

  • Largest mode-hop free tuning range
  • Highest acoustic and thermal stability

Latest production technologies (wire erosion)

Stand-alone second harmonic generator

SHG pro


Flexure-based ultra-stable mirror mounts

  • Adjustable from top with closed laser head


Amplified tunable diode lasers

TA pro

Hands-off femtosecond fiber laser

FemtoFiber pro


Proprietary resonator design (SHG unit)

  • Manufactured of one solid metal block, closed with a lid
  • Mirror mounts and SHG crystal adjustable with closed resonator
  • Air sealed resonator


pro Series / Technology

This is what TOPTICA's lasers in pro design stand for:

pro Technology: What's inside?

The pro Series