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TopWave 266

Industrial cw UV Lasers

  • 300 mW @ 266 nm
  • Excellent lifetime (> 10000 h)
  • Consistent beam quality (M² < 1.3) over full lifetime
  • Sealed doubling cavity with automatic crystal shifter
  • Ultra-stable, low-noise cw operation, turnkey system

The industrial-grade, continuous-wave TopWave deep-UV laser system provides 300 mW output power at a wavelength of 266 nm with excellent power stability and highest reliability. Its complete UV beam path, including the resonant doubling cavity, is enclosed in an specially sealed compartment. In combination with a fully automated shifter of the doubling crystal it enables a typical lifetime of > 10,000 hours, which is key for the use in any industrial application. Consistent beam quality (M² < 1.3) is provided by an optimized beam shaping setup which is also integrated inside the sealed UV section. To avoid contamination of the exit window in non-cleanroom environments the user can connect his purge line to the provided interface.

The TopWave 266 sets new standards with respect to low-noise operation. The narrow linewidth laser emission typically shows < 0.1% RMS, hence the user benefits from an improved signal-to-noise ratio during measurements. Designed for easy integration the TopWave 266 is a turnkey system which the user can control either via a touch panel at the control unit or using the USB/Ethernet interface in combination with a PC GUI. Due to its high wall-plug efficiency the system can be operated with conduction cooling only. In case no proper heatsinking is possible, a closed loop chiller option is available.

The TopWave 266 is ideal for sophisticated measurement and production tasks in e.g. semicon inspection, lithography or Raman spectroscopy. It is a cost-effective and reliable laser that enables the user to concentrate on their application rather than worrying about the light source.

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