Holo-Litho 405

Cost-efficient, gas laser replacement – for easy, hands-off and remote operation in holography, interferometry, and lithography applications

  • 1 Watt @ 405 nm
  • Beam quality: M² = 1.15 (typ.)
  • High coherence: > 100 m coherence length (< 1 MHz linewidth)
  • Highest wall-plug efficiency
  • Hands-off operation and push-button-style user interface

The Holo-Litho 405 is the ideal replacement for the vintage, power hungry Kr+ gas lasers (406.7 nm and 413.1 nm) commonly used in holographic and lithographic applications. While gas lasers require several kilowatts of electrical power and cumbersome water cooling, the “all‑semiconductor” Holo-Litho 405 draws < 0.08 kW and needs no water cooling to produce similar optical output power. This alone results in a significant reduction in cost of ownership. Furthermore the user also benefits from longer service intervals and lower refurbishment costs. Trained personnel can easily perform on-site replacements of the individual semiconductor field replaceable units, reducing down-time and increasing profitability.

The system includes a fully-automated, push-button optimization of the opto-mechanics, as well as output power stabilization. This allows an easy, hands-off and remote operation of the Holo‑Litho 405 in the often sensitive environments of holography, interferometry, and lithography.