Single Frequency Lasers

Power, Coherence, Stability

TOPTICA's single-frequency diode lasers employ state-of-the-art diode technology to achieve the highest single-frequency output power of any direct diode-based system. For example, the TopMode 405 nm model offers as much as 100 mW – an industry record!

At the well-established HeNe wavelength of 633 nm, the corresponding system provides an output of 50 mW.

Even Watt-class UV/RGB solutions are provided by frequency-converted diode lasers. TOPTICA's single-frequency lasers feature a narrow spectral width, translating into a long coherence length. All models exhibit an excellent stability of wavelength and output power, combined with TEM00 operation mode.

 WavelengthMax. Output PowerOperation Linewidth
iBeam smart WS633 nm;
638 nm,
685 nm,
785 nm
40/70 mW,
30(120) mW,
45 mW,
120 mW
cwTEM00, single frequency, coherence length > 5 m< 25 MHz
TopMode405 nm,
633 nm
50 (100),
30 mW
cwTEM00, single frequency, coherence length > 25 m< 5 MHz
TopWave 405405 nm1 WcwTEM00, single frequency, coherence length > 100m< 1 MHz
TopWave 266266 nm150 / 300 mWcwTEM00, single-frequency, coherence length > 100m< 1 MHz
XTRA II785 nm300 / 500 mWcwTEM00, single-frequency, coherence length > 10 m< 10 MHz