Multi-Laser Engines

Fully Featured Multi-Color Engines

The iChrome family of multi-laser engines addresses the need for lasers with multiple colors in biophotonics (microscopy, cytometry, DNA sequencing etc.) and metrology (scatterometry, ellipsometry). These applications require a flexible laser source that provides several wavelengths from an optical fiber output. The compact and reliable iChrome systems thus replace cumbersome and maintenance-intensive “breadboard solutions”.

With TOPTICA’s proprietary COOLAC-technology all integrated lasers can be perfectly aligned with just one push of a button. The laser engines can provide up to seven different wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared wavelengths. The individual lasers are efficiently combined and delivered via single-mode, polarization-maintaining fibers.

With microprocessor-control all iChrome systems enable flexible OEM integration. High speed analog and digital modulation allows fast switching of laser wavelengths in arbitrary patterns for complex experiments. In addition, the systems provide high-end features like direct modulation (no external AOM/AOTF* required), “complete-off” and speckle management, which all can be conveniently controlled via a computer. Systems with several output fibers will bring fiber switching and fiber splitting options to support complex scientific setups.

TOPTICA's iChrome family thus offers all the features and the necessary flexibility to address even challenging imaging and measurement techniques, either as standalone multi-laser source or fully integrated into existing instruments. At the same time, the systems offer easy and convenient operation for beginners and experienced users as well as an automatic and completely hands off installation and alignment.
*Acousto-optic Modulator/Acousto Optic Tunable Filter

Easy to use, reliable and long term stable multi color solutions

  • Up to 7 laser wavelength
  • 1 or 2 output fibers
  • Fiber switch, fiber splitter
  • Optical attenuator
  • Automatic alignment
  • 4 wavelength laser combiner (20 mW)
  • Optimized for confocal microscopy
  • Cost effective
  • Automatic alignment
  • 4 wavelength laser combiner (50 mW)
  • Direct modulation, complete off
  • Automatic alignment
  • All diode technology
  • 4 (5) wavelength laser combiner
  • High power up to 100 mW
  • Up to 20 MHz modulation
  • Self aligning system