Femtosecond Lasers for Ultrafast Studies

A variety of nonlinear and ultrafast processes can be stimulated and studied using femtosecond lasers

Ultrafast technology has seen an unpredictable success ever since it was introduced. Parallel to the development of ever shorter and more powerful laser pulses, many promising applications have emerged outside the laser laboratories. Mainly the high peak power and ultrashort pulse duration make ultrafast lasers very attractive. Both give rise to nonlinear effects and open new paths in engineering and scientific research. TOPTICA contributes with newest fiber technology (Erbium and Ytterbium) which is outstanding in performance, versatility, robustness, wavelength coverage, reliability, compactness and price.

TOPTICA's expertise for ultrafast applications:

FemtoFiber smart

Compact, cost-effective fiber lasers

FemtoFiber pro

Advanced ultrafast fiber lasers

FemtoFiber ultra

Powerful femtosecond fiber lasers

FemtoFiber dichro

Dual-color femtosecond fiber lasers