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TOPTICA offers laser solutions for a multitude of biophotonics applications

A considerable amount of our knowledge about the functions of proteins, cells or complete organs has been gained with optical techniques. Light enters a cell, probes it and provides valuable information. Amongst others, modern optical techniques unite high spatial resolution, non-destructive sampling, deep penetration and even three-dimensional imaging. They can provide in-situ or in-vivo examinations and allow for real-time observation.

Lasers play an invaluable part in optical instrumentation ranging from microscopy to flow cytometry, medical and pharmaceutical instruments. The steadily growing number of optical technologies in Life Science and Medical applications goes hand in hand with the increasing demand for modern photonic sources - each one optimized to perfectly serve its specific task.

TOPTICA Photonics is proud to be one of the world leading suppliers for demanding Biophotonical applications. Our thought through portfolio reaches from high quality UV and VIS laser sources with direct modulation capabilities to widely tunable reliable fiber-based lasers and ultrafast pulsed sources for time-resolution sensitive applications. TOPTICA represents itself as a highly knowledgeable, flexible and reliable one-stop partner for our customers in the field of Biophotonics.