FemtoFiber ultra

Reliable, compact, turn-key and fully-integrated

The FemtoFiber ultra series is TOPTICA's third generation of ultrafast fiber lasers. These lasers provide powerful femtosecond pulses with a ultra-high reliability. The systems use SESAM-mode locked ring fiber oscillators (patented design), followed by a high-power fiber amplifier. For reaching highest reliability levels, only polarization-maintaining fibers are used. All of this is integrated in a unit with a footprint of 25 x 38 cm². The laser systems are easily controlled via Ethernet or USB. A simple graphics user interface (GUI) enables user-friendly access to all laser parameters.

The FemtoFiber ultra series shares the advantages of TOPTICA’s previous ultrafast fiber laser generations. The systems are compact lasers that work reliably after a push-button start. No water-cooling is required since simple air-cooling is sufficient for stable operation. These cost-effective and compact laser solutions provide femtosecond pulses with high average power and excellent beam quality. They are great solutions for applications in nonlinear microscopy like effective two-photon excitation of fluorescent proteins and SHG based contrast mechanisms.

  • SESAM mode-locked ring fiber oscillator
  • Patented design (US 8,457,164)
  • High-power fiber amplifier
  • Polarization maintaining fibers only
  • Compact air-cooled systems

  • FemtoFiber ultra
  • FemtoFiber ultra
WavelengthPulse durationAverage output powerRepetition rate

FemtoFiber ultra 920

920 nm

< 100 fs

> 1.5 W

80 MHz

FemtoFiber ultra 780

780 nm

< 100 fs or < 150 fs

> 500 mW

80 MHz

FemtoFiber ultra 1050

1050 nm

< 120 fs (typ. 90-100 fs)

> 5 W or > 10 W

80 MHz

FemtoFiber ultra 1560

1560 nm

< 200 fs

> 2 W

80 MHz