Modular Opto-Mechanics Breadboard Unit

  • Made for integration in the T-RACK
  • Ideal for custom optics
  • Extendible via telescopic slides
  • Plain optical breadboard maximizes available space
  • Cable carrier for optimized cable routing

TOPTICA’s Laser Rack Systems are ideal to get rid of bulky optical tables, thereby freeing up valuable lab space, and for the realization of a transportable system. For many applications, dedicated optics are an integral part of the complete apparatus. The MOM provides researchers and system integrators with space for their custom optics.

The integrated, passively vibration-isolated breadboard provides the advantages known from optical tables – but in a 19-inch form factor optimized for rack integration. It is therefore the optimal supplement for TOPTICA’s Rack Lasers like the MDL pro, the MTA pro, the MSHG pro and the frequency comb MDFC. Ideally, a selection of these lasers and one or a few MOMs with custom optics integrated in a T-RACK can replace a completely equipped optical table.