213 nm 10 mW cw

Test system for cw laser radiation at 213 nm

  • 10 mW single-frequency output @ 213 nm
  • Short-term linewidth < 1 MHz, coherence length > 150 m
  • Passive frequency stability: < 400 MHz/K
  • Active frequency stabilization to MHz levels possible
  • Low operating cost

The research grade tunable diode laser system DLC TA-FHG pro is an ideal laser for test experiments in scientific or laboratory-like industrial environment (e.g. clean room). While not yet fully designed for 24/7 hands-off operation it comes very close to that. The DLC TA-FHG pro shows excellent passive stability due to patented and proprietary technology as well as a laser head manufactured from a solid metal block.

The laser control unit is fully digital and offers full remote control via PC. It also allows for integrated features such as PowerLock and AutoAlign. While it is a tunable laser by design with coarse tuning range on the order of a nm and fine tunig of several 10 GHz, it can be operated at fixed wavelength with low drift values. If required, active laser frequency stabilization is possible to obtain lowest drift values of below 1 MHz (reference dependent). While mode-hopping are supposed to happen very rarely or in case of proper daily settings – maybe not at all, their absence cannot be guaranteed at this stage.

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