Widely Tunable High-Power Continuous-Wave OPO Laser System for Mid-infrared Spectroscopy and Applications

  • 1.45 - 4.0 µm (2500 - 6900 cm-1)
  • 300 GHz (10 cm-1) mode-hop-free tuning range
  • Narrow linewidth: 2 MHz (1·10-5 cm-1)
  • Hands-free motorized tuning
  • Easy all-digital DLC pro control

MIR spectroscopy has never been easier. The powerful TOPO delivers wide tunability, narrow linewidth, and convenient hands-free digital control. There are no modules to exchange and no adjustments to be made by hand. Ease of use and reliable performance make this CW OPO the right choice for challenging applications in MIR spectroscopy and quantum optics.

The revolutionary TOPO by TOPTICA stands alone as the only fully automated, continuous-wave, singly-resonant optical parametric oscillator laser source on the market. High resolution spectroscopy across 1.45 – 4.0 µm (2500 – 6900 cm-1) has never been easier.

TOPTICA’s unique optical design enables broadly tunable laser light. No module or mirror exchange is necessary. Additionally, the all-digital control electronics enable hands-free coarse tuning, and frequency locking. A wide mode-hop-free tuning range up to 300 GHz (10 cm-1) enables visibility of full spectroscopic signatures. Simultaneously, the TOPO maintains a narrow linewidth (2 MHz, 1·10-5 cm-1) giving a solution that reveals narrow atomic and molecular features.

TOPTICA's OPO laser system won the Prism Awards 2019 for scientific lasers at Photonics West!

  • Specification

    DLC TOPO Signal Idler  
    Coarse tuning range* 1.45 - 2.07 µm 2.19 - 4.00 µm 2500 - 4570 cm-1 (idler), 4830 - 6900 cm-1 (signal)
    Output Power** 2 W 1 W <1x10-4 cm-1
    Linewidth < 2 MHz 2 MHz <1x10-4 cm-1
    Mode hop free tuning range*** < 1 GHz Up to 300 GHz**** Up to 10 cm-1 (idler)
    Beam Quality Factor M2** < 1.2 < 1.2  
    Frequency modulation and lock PZT modulation PZT modulation, Pump frequency modulation  
    Control interfaces DLC pro touchscreen, PC software, Ethernet, USB, analog remote control  

    * Course tuning is established by full automatic crystal shifting and temperature control. No optics exchange necessary
    ** Specifications valid 1.53 - 2 µm, 2.2 - 3.6 µm
    *** Fine tuning is established via pump tuning (idler) and PZT tuning (signal and idler)
    **** 30 GHz - 300 GHz, depending on output wavelength

  • Additional Information
  • Applications

    • Molecular Spectroscopy
    • Quantum Optics
    • Materials Testing
    • Biophotonics
    • Physical Chemistry

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