Widely Tunable High-Power Continuous-Wave OPO Laser System for Mid-infrared Spectroscopy and Applications

  • 1.45 - 4.0 µm (2500 - 6900 cm-1)
  • Narrow linewidth: 2 MHz (1·10-4 cm-1)
  • Hands-free motorized tuning
  • 300 GHz (10 cm-1) mode-hop-free tuning range
  • Easy all-digital DLC pro control

Ease of use and reliable performance make this CW OPO the right choice for challenging applications: The TOPO can be applied to spectroscopy of molecular stretch vibrations for combustion analysis, trace gas detection, and ultracold molecular quantum technology. Its narrow linewidth and stability combined with TOPTICA’s locking electronics make it an ideal source for sensitive techniques like cavity ring-down spectroscopy and NICE-OHMS. In recent years, mid-infrared photonics devices have emerged as new platforms for gas detection, nonlinear frequency conversion, and mid-infrared frequency comb generation. The TOPO’s wide continuous tuning in the mid-infrared makes it easy to characterize such devices, and the same tools used for locking the TOPO to macroscopic cavities can be applied to integrated photonic cavities also. The TOPO can also be the backbone tool of a lab characterizing mid-infrared optical components and metamaterials.

The revolutionary TOPO by TOPTICA stands alone as the only fully automated, continuous-wave, singly-resonant optical parametric oscillator laser source on the market. High resolution spectroscopy across 1.45 – 4.0 µm (2500 – 6900 cm-1) has never been easier.

TOPTICA's OPO laser system won the Prism Awards 2019 for scientific lasers at Photonics West!


Charakteristic Tuning Curve

Characteristic Tuning Curve