Photoconductive Switches

Compact modules for pulsed terahertz generation

  • Fiber-Coupled InGaAs Antennas
  • SM/PM fiber pigtail and Silicon lens included
  • High terahertz power: typ. > 30 µW
  • High bandwidth > 6 THz
  • Core components of TeraFlash pro and TeraFlash smart

Pulsed terahertz generation with leading-edge technology: InGaAs antennas provide about 30 µW power and a bandwidth of 6 THz. The emitter and detector modules, developed by Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz Institute (Berlin/Germany), feature a strip-line and a dipole antenna, respectively, and are packaged with a Silicon lens and SM/PM fiber. They make up the core component of TOPTICA’s TeraFlash pro and TeraFlash smart, but are available as individual modules too.

  • Photoconductive switches